Association of economic cooperation with African states

Promoting Russian business in Africa

The Association of Economic Cooperation with African states (the Association) is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote Russian business on the African continent and unlock the continent’s enormous potential. 

To do that, we bring onto our platform leading Russian companies, business councils, government bodies and expert communities of Africa and Russia. 

Uniting business & political leadership

The Association coordinates political and diplomatic support for Russian business projects on the African continent. We work in concert with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other specialized government agencies of Africa and Russia to foster productive dialogue between private and public sectors.

Networking smart

The Association forges links between Russian and African business, government and expert communities for mutually beneficial partnership. On our platform, you can form long-term relations with key players, share experience and build on best practices of companies already operating in Africa.

Synergy & ambition

We seek to consolidate the forces of major Russian companies to overcome common challenges and launch ambitious large-scale projects across a wide range of industries.  Working in concert, companies don’t just reduce risks but produce a synergy effect and foster a business-friendly environment that will encourage further investment in the region.


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