The AECAS is the driver of economic cooperation between Russia and Africa

The Association was created following the first Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi in 2019. We promote comprehensive economic and humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Africa with a view to bolster Russian-African trade and discover new opportunities in the region. 

We aim to:

.   Consolidate common interests of Russian companies to facilitate the government’s political support of Russian businesses in African countries;

.   Create a platform for productive engagement between Russian and African business communities; 

.   Promote complex, large-scale investment project focusing on energy, transport, infrastructure, agriculture and education as priority areas for cooperation;

.   Establish efficient information and communication channels between Russia and African countries to proactively engage with  African business and academic communities, graduates of Russian universities as well as wider public;  

.   Provide Russian and African companies with up-to-date information on the economic development and opportunities for doing business in Africa and Russia accordingly;

.   Promote funding opportunities for Russian companies’ projects in Africa by bringing banks and other financial institutions onto the Association’s platform ;

.   Encourage  human capital development in Russia and Africa by creating environment conducive to innovation and promoting joint education programs;

.   Contribute to improving logistics facilities on the continent by supporting national and transnational infrastructure projects; 

.   Further humanitarian ties, including cooperation in areas such as science, sport, culture, tourism and education.

AECAS Management

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Saltanov A.V


Luksha S.V.


Kurchenko V.G.

Managing Director

Belyaeva A.V.

Executive Director

Mishchenko A.N.

Legal Adviser


The Association has already joined many well-known companies with a worldwide

a name that are interested in cooperation. The list of participants is constantly updated. Here are the most famous companies.

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